Android monochrome mode: how to activate it to put the screen in black and white

activar modo monocromo android blanco y negro

Putting the mobile screen in black and white can be very useful, especially for people who suffer from some type of vision problem such as color blindness or achromatopsia . Fortunately, Android is a very versatile operating system that was created with all kinds of people in mind, so it includes accessibility options that allow you to change the colors of the screen so that everyone can use their device without difficulty.

If you need to put the screen of your Android in black and white, either because of your visual problems or because you simply want to test how it looks like that, then we will teach you how to activate monochrome mode on your mobile easily and quickly . It won’t take you more than 5 minutes!

How to make your Android screen black and white with monochrome mode

Como poner en blanco y negro la pantalla de tu Android con el modo monocromo 1

Android has an option called “Simulate color space” that allows you to modify the colors on the screen. To access this option and activate monochrome mode on your mobile , you just have to do the following:

  • Open the mobile Settings app.
  • Go to About phone .
  • Press the Build Number option 7 times in a row until it says that you are already a developer.
  • Go back to the main Settings menu and select System .

Como poner en blanco y negro la pantalla de tu Android con el modo monocromo 2

  • Go into Developer Options .
  • Scroll down until you find the Simulate Color Space option.
  • Select Achromatopsia or Monochromatic (the name varies depending on the version of Android you have).

It should be noted that this mode only puts your mobile screen in black and white . It does not modify the colors of the apps or their content. This means that if you take a photo or a screenshot with your mobile in monochrome mode, you will see it in black and white, but the people you send it to will see it in real colours.

If you want to turn off black and white mode on your Android, just go to Settings > System > Developer options > Simulate color space > Off . Although turning off developer options should be enough to disable Android’s monochrome mode.

Use this app to put your mobile in black and white

blocc ratio launcher poner blanco y negro

If for some reason the previous method did not work for you or did not convince you, we recommend using Blocc Ratio. It is a super minimalist launcher that completely changes the main interface of your Android with a black and white theme free of distractions . The only bad thing about this option is that it does not put everything on the mobile in black and white, but only some parts. Even so, we find it a good option if you want to put your Android in black and white without making it look bad.

Use the options of the customization layer of your Android

Calibrar pantalla de Xiaomi con MIUI 13

Almost all Android mobiles have a customization layer, which is nothing more than an operating system plugin added by the manufacturer to offer unique features and designs to their mobiles. Layers like those of Samsung and Xiaomi include a setting to modify the screen where you can find the option to put it in black and white . So go to the settings app on your mobile and in the search bar write something like “black and white”, “monochrome”, “screen color”, “grayscale”, “screen calibrate”, among other terms.

Thus, the option of the personalization layer should appear, it will allow you to configure the screen of your Android in black and white . That would be all! We hope this tutorial has been helpful to you and if you want to tell us something about it, you can do so from the comments below.