Android presents the Animated Emojis: this is how the animated versions of the classic emojis are

Do you use emojis in your conversations or social networks? They have been with us for years, are easy to use and offer direct communication without the use of words. Today Google and Android turn these faces, objects and scenes around to offer Animated Emojis. With the adaptation to Unicode 15.0, Google has taken the opportunity to use an animated emoji protocol that is spectacular and very interesting. There are hundreds of them and their use could be standardized soon.

One of the “snags” of current emojis is that they are static. They are small images that show a faction, a gesture or an object. It is not always easy to recognize the emoji or know what gesture it makes, so the animation gives it a spectacular touch that can soon be used.

New Animated Emojis that you will need

Google is expected to roll out the Unicode 15.0 update in December 2022 . Unfortunately, this novelty will not reach all mobiles, only the Pixel and some more. The rest of the manufacturers and developers will be in charge of nurturing their customization layers with these new emojis .

The main novelty is that hundreds of the classic emojis will have an animation. From this link you can see what we are talking about. You can select each one of the emojis and see its spectacular animation .

If you use emojis now you will want to have this new function in all of them. Gestures are given a more natural and lifelike feel, while objects are graced and animated.

The wait could be very long

When we talk about emojis and updates, there is a problem: each manufacturer and application uses a different model to update. They have their own designs, protocols and update dates. This means that the new animated emojis could take a long time to reach your mobile.

All manufacturers and applications can, from this moment, use these new emojis, another thing is that they want to do it or are interested in investing in it. How about? Do you think they are interesting?