Apple Maps Revolutionizes EV Travel: Finding Charging Stations Made Easy

In an era where electric cars are taking the automotive industry by storm, the search for convenient charging stations has become a daily concern for many. Fortunately, Apple has stepped up to the plate with a solution. With the latest update in iOS 17, Apple Maps now provides users with the ability to locate nearby electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and even plan routes based on these charging points, ensuring you never run out of battery on the road.

How to Discover Electric Vehicle Charging Stations on Apple Maps

The newest iteration of Apple Maps introduces a game-changing feature that empowers EV drivers to effortlessly find charging stations in their vicinity or along their planned route. This feature not only displays the location of charging stations but also provides essential information, including charger availability, charging speed, and supported connector types tailored to your specific vehicle.

To access this functionality, open the Apple Maps app and directly enter the search query “electric vehicle charging point” or “electric vehicle charging stations” into the search field. If you are already in the process of navigating, you can swipe up from the bottom and add a charging station stop to your route. Conducting a search for “electric vehicle charging point” will reveal stops where you can charge your EV, including places with Tesla Superchargers.

Enhance Your Search with Filters

For more in-depth insights about charging stations, tap the “edit search” option. Here, you can refine your search to discover which charging points are currently open, those offering fast charging, or even stations that provide free charging services. The search results will also indicate the number of chargers available at each location and how many are currently ready for use in real-time.

This Apple Maps update streamlines the process of locating EV charging stations within the app’s native environment. While there may be occasional hiccups with filters, it is expected that any issues will be resolved in future updates. The integration of Apple Maps with advanced CarPlay features in electric vehicles could be the next evolutionary step. This could involve linking your destination with precise estimates of your EV’s range and the automatic addition of charging stops on extended journeys, all aimed at enhancing the EV driving experience.

Beyond simplifying the search for charging stations, Apple Maps in iOS 17 is actively working to elevate the travel experience for electric vehicle owners. Imagine a seamless road trip where your destination is intelligently linked with accurate estimations of your EV’s range. iOS 17 is exploring the possibility of automatically incorporating charging stops into your planned routes, a prospect that holds immense promise. Stay tuned for future iOS 17 updates as Apple Maps continues to evolve and cater to the growing EV community.