Apple will remove outdated apps from the App Store

In a short time, Apple will remove applications from the App Store for a very specific reason, a fact that is already being reported to all those developers who are precisely affected by having an affected app that could be removed.

The main reason that Apple is using in the emails that it is sending to developers with apps that can be deleted is that the affected applications have not been updated in a significant period of time , so they would have become obsolete.

In other words, these apps would be considered obsolete by Apple and its easiest decision would be to remove them from the App Store, but to avoid this procedure that no one wants to see happen, it offers some option to the creator of the application that they probably won’t like.

Update in 30 days

To prevent the outdated or obsolete app from being removed from the App Store, Apple offers a simple solution, that the developer releases a new version within 30 days of receiving the mail , something that many of the affected developers will not like.

And it is that in 30 days many would find it impossible to adapt their applications to the new standards and comply with the premise of being correctly updated. Apple’s position seems set, at least for the moment, and it does not seem that it will change its mind.

If in those 30 days the developer has not presented an updated version of the app that has been notified that it will be removed, the company will proceed to delete it from the App Store, with the consequent prejudice that this entails for its creator. .

Surely it is not much of an impediment for someone who has an app in the App Store, although it will surely take time to have an updated app in less than 1 month, the problem comes if it is a developer with several applications in the store.

For that person, it will be a race against time to update their applications and prevent Apple from deleting them. The truth is that this decision is not something new, in 2016 the same fact was also reported, and it seems that now the company has resumed this procedure.

In addition, it coincides with a Google Play announcement similar to this one, to limit more and more visibility of obsolete apps that have not received an update for a long time. Coincidence or not, it seems that Apple is serious about removing outdated apps from the App Store.

Via: TheVerge