Apple’s MacBook Air Enters the M3 Era: A New Chapter in 2024

2023 marked a pivotal year for Apple’s professional computer lineup, notably with the introduction of the three-nanometer chips, Apple Silicon M3. But there was a notable absentee in this tech revolution: the MacBook Air. The last update we saw was in 2022, but the winds of change are blowing, and the MacBook Air is set for a dramatic transformation.

The Current State of MacBook Air

A Tale of Two Sizes: The current MacBook Air lineup features two distinct models – the 13-inch and the 15-inch versions. Both models are united by their powerful Apple Silicon M2 processors, bridging the gap between professional power and the affordability of the MacBook Air.

The Anticipated New MacBook Air Models

A Leap in Power and Design: According to 9to5Mac, new MacBook Air models are not just a possibility but are already in production. These models are expected to embody a significant boost in power, focusing on performance upgrades. The biggest game-changer? The integration of the Apple M3 processors, bringing the MacBook Air range into the realm of three-nanometer technology.

Performance Expectations: M3 Processor’s Edge

Benchmarking the Future: The M3 processor is expected to surpass its predecessors significantly. Reports suggest an estimated 20% speed increase over the M2 and a staggering 35% over the M1 for 8 CPU core chips. For the higher-end models with 10 GPU cores, we’re looking at a 20% increase over the M2 and a 65% leap over the M1. This performance upgrade positions the MacBook Air not just as an entry-level laptop but as a powerful contender in Apple’s lineup.

Pricing Predictions: Balancing Power and Affordability

The Cost of Innovation: With such a significant boost in performance, the question of pricing inevitably arises. Will the new MacBook Air models see a price hike similar to what we witnessed with the iMac series? And, considering the capabilities of the M3 processors, what new configuration options will Apple offer? While speculation is rife, the exact details remain a closely guarded secret, waiting to be unveiled.


The upcoming MacBook Air models, powered by the Apple Silicon M3, are poised to redefine what we expect from Apple’s slimmest laptops. Offering a blend of enhanced power, efficiency, and potentially new design elements, these models are eagerly anticipated by Apple enthusiasts and tech observers alike.