Mac Shopping in 2023-2024: Finding Your Perfect Match

Macbook pro

In the wake of Apple’s 2023 Scary Fast Keynote, where the tech giant unveiled its groundbreaking M3 processors for laptops and desktops, choosing the right Mac in 2023 and beyond has become a thought-provoking decision. Apple’s new 3nm chips manufactured by TSMC promise unparalleled performance and efficiency. If you’re one of the many users grappling … Read more

The Disappearance of Passive Power Supplies: Unveiling the Reasons

passive power supply

Passive power supplies, once a common component in computer builds, have seemingly disappeared from the market. These fanless power supplies were favored for their silent operation and reliability. However, several factors have led to their decline. Rising Hardware Power Consumption One significant reason for the vanishing act of passive power supplies is the increasing power … Read more

The Lowdown on Latency: Understanding and Checking Mouse Polling Rate

mouse polling rate

Latency in online gaming can be the difference between victory and defeat, and while it’s typically linked to internet connections, there’s another crucial factor at play: mouse latency. This latency is quantified by the polling rate, which manufacturers specify in Hertz (Hz). Let’s begin by demystifying latency. It represents the delay between an action’s initiation … Read more