External hard drives comparison: our top 5

When we need to transfer information between different computers, one of the best ways to do this is through external hard drives. However, choosing the one that best suits our needs is not always easy, since there are many options on the market. Fortunately, our external hard drive comparison makes choosing the right one easier. … Read more

Why should we trust Covid19 vaccines?

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, there has been a common desire on the part of society: the vaccine that would restore us to freedom. With it, it would be possible to leave confinement aside, to be able to hug our loved ones and have the opportunity to travel without so many restrictions. But when we … Read more

China brings rocks from the moon: how was the mission?

One of the most interesting events that is taking place in recent months in the scientific community is that China brings rocks from the moon . It is a mission carried out with the Chang’e-5 probe, which was in charge of bringing soil and rock samples from the aforementioned satellite to Earth. The capsule with … Read more