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Bing is the third biggest search engine nowadays so it is important that you know how well you website ranks on Bing for your keywords and how your website ranking fluctuated in a long term or after you have made some SEO improvements.

Check Bing ranking is simple and quick with CuteRank. Of course you have to download and install CuteRank before you can check you website Bing ranking.

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Create a Rank Checking Profile

“Profile” in CuteRank is a definition of website with all its keywords. Before you can check you Bing ranking, you must create a profile, also known to process of setting you website and keywords. Make sure you have selected Bing when selecting search engines.

Create New Profile

Check Bing Ranking in Ranking Result Box

After you have created the profile, CuteRank will check your website rankings on Bing automatically, when the update process is complete, you can vivew the Bing ranking in the ranking result box on the right bottom. CuteRank will tell you how well your website ranks on Bing, whether your Bing ranking has moved up or down, and which page ranks the best on Bing.

Check Bing Ranking in Ranking Box

Check Bing Ranking in Ranking Chart

On the right top on CuteRank’s main interface you can see the ranking chart. The ranking chart will display the Bing ranking result on a daily basis. You can switch among “7 days”, “1 months”, “3 months”, “6 months” and “1 year” to see your Bing ranking performance in different time range.

Check Bing Ranking in Ranking Chart

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