Check your photos from 2013 to 2015 in Google Photos: they may be damaged by a bug in the app

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If you’ve noticed that some of the first photos you uploaded to Google Photos have started to deteriorate, you’re not crazy . It is true that digital photos are not damaged by the passage of time, but they are subject to many possible strange bugs that can deteriorate their quality. That’s exactly what has happened with some users’ images uploaded to Google Photos between 2013 and 2015, which appear in the application as if they had suffered water damage , with cracks and other strange distortions.

Many users on Reddit have shared their personal photos affected by this app bug, and we can see that the damage is diverse, ranging from discoloration to cracks and signs of moisture . This problem is occurring throughout the Google Photos platform, as the reports come from Android, iOS and even the web version.

Why are old photos in Google Photos corrupted? There is a solution?

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Google has not yet said anything about it, so we cannot confirm what is causing this bug. It’s possible that the big G’s are testing a technology or AI that produces the effect of wet or damaged photos , and a couple of examples have been leaked to them. This is pure speculation on our part, so don’t take it too seriously. The truth is that it is a rather strange problem in the application that we had not seen before.

Now, will your old photos in Google Photos be forever damaged? No. Although it is true that when you download the affected photos, they continue to show the damage that appears in the app, fortunately Google Photos maintains an original version of these photos that does not show any type of damage . And it is that the images you are seeing are actually an edited version of the photos you originally uploaded.

Please note that the only photos affected by this bug appear to be from May 2013 to May 2015. So go ahead and check your photos from that date to see if they have been affected. The good news is that for some users the problem has already fixed itself , which means that Google is working to get rid of this annoying inconvenience.