Chrome 122 Introduces AI Writing Assistant: A New Era for Web Browsing

Google Chrome 122 is rolling out with a significant update that introduces Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the world’s most popular web browser. This update is a part of Google’s ongoing efforts to integrate more AI functionalities into its products, enhancing user experiences with smarter, more intuitive features. The “Help Me Write” function is a standout feature in this new version, signaling Google’s commitment to embedding AI technology into everyday tools to assist users in their digital activities.

Exploring AI in Chrome 122: “Help Me Write”

An Experimental Leap into AI

The introduction of the “Help Me Write” feature in Chrome 122 is a pioneering step towards utilizing AI to aid users in creating content directly within the browser. This experimental feature is initially rolling out to American users and is available in English, with plans to expand to other regions and languages in the coming weeks. This gradual rollout allows Google to refine the AI’s capabilities based on user feedback and interactions.

Functionality and Context Awareness

“Help Me Write” leverages Gemini, Google’s proprietary AI platform, to offer suggestions for starting or improving written content. Whether you’re drafting queries, comments, or reviews, this feature understands the context of the webpage you’re on and provides relevant, real-time content suggestions. By extracting details from the web, it aims to enhance the accuracy and relevance of its recommendations, making your online writing tasks more efficient.

Activation and Use

Users who have access to this feature can activate it from the AI section within Chrome’s settings. To utilize “Help Me Write,” simply right-click on a text field and select the option from the context menu. This integration promises to streamline the writing process, offering support that is both contextually aware and tailored to the specific task at hand.

Additional Updates: Reading Aloud on Android

Chrome 122 also brings the “Reading Aloud” feature to Android users, allowing the browser to audibly read the text from websites. This addition enhances accessibility and convenience, providing an alternative way to consume web content, especially for users on the go or those with visual impairments.


The latest update to Google Chrome marks a significant milestone in the integration of AI into web browsing. With “Help Me Write,” Google is not only enhancing the functionality of Chrome but also showcasing the potential of AI to transform how we interact with digital content. As AI continues to evolve, features like these will become increasingly central to our online experiences, reshaping the tools we use daily. Chrome 122’s introduction of AI-powered writing assistance and the expansion of accessibility features like “Reading Aloud” on Android underscore Google’s vision for a more intelligent, user-friendly internet.