CodeGPT: The Free AI Extension Revolutionizing Programming in VSCode

Since ChatGPT’s arrival, Artificial Intelligence has made significant inroads into various technology-related domains. It has evolved beyond generating text, videos, and images to editing them seamlessly. Furthermore, AI can now generate programming code, enabling the creation of applications from scratch with simple commands.

Amazon and Microsoft offer two AI-based solutions for code generation. GitHub Copilot, a product of Microsoft, has gained substantial popularity, largely due to its integration with GitHub repositories. Although these AI programming assistants typically require a subscription, GitHub Copilot offers free access to students studying at registered educational institutions.

However, for those who are not eligible for free access or are seeking a free alternative, CodeGPT is an excellent choice. CodeGPT is a Visual Studio Code (VSCode) extension that stands as a compelling free AI-powered solution for programming assistance. One key advantage it offers is the ability to run locally, eliminating the need for a constant internet connection. This local operation enhances both convenience and privacy, setting it apart from many cloud-based alternatives.

CodeGPT operates by allowing users to provide a brief description of the code they need, and it can generate code in various programming languages. Additionally, it can analyze existing code, answer questions, optimize code for efficiency, identify errors, and refactor code for improved organization, making it a comprehensive coding assistant.

CodeGPT, built on the Ollama platform, is currently available for macOS and Linux, with plans for a Windows version in development. Behind this remarkable tool is Chilean developer Daniel Avila, representing the Hispanic community’s contributions to the world of technology.

To learn more about CodeGPT and explore its features, supported programming languages, and other details, visit their official website. CodeGPT is making waves as a powerful, free, and locally-run AI extension for VSCode, revolutionizing the way programmers work.