CuteRank 3.3.0 Newly Released

We are pleased to announce the release of CuteRank 3.3.0. Installers for Both Windows and Mac are now ready for download. For the latest Windows version please click here, for the latest Mac version please click here.

Following improvements and changes have been made in CuteRank 3.3.0:


  • Rank filter for Basic template report
  • Add profile title on Quick Report
  • Change dif duration in profile table view
  • Possible to only load profiles which are in the last opened category
  • Show or hide extra information in summary table view
  • Import extra information for keywords from a CSV file when adding keywords
  • Help Center


  • Summary table view of profile will not reload data when switching back from a keyword view


  • Engine filter for single profile not working
  • Rank data not saved after reset search engine
  • Special character does not correct in keywords
  • Group not showing after category switched
  • Rank not displays in right column in Basic template report

Feel free to leave all your comments or suggestions.

CuteRank Team

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