Download your COVID certificate now in PKPASS format and always have it on hand

Cómo descargar tu pasaporte COVID como Passbook para llevarlo en el móvil

Once vaccinated, it is very important that you always carry your COVID passport with you. Until recently, the Ministry of Health only gave you the option to download it in PDF , which hindered the process of converting the file to other more comfortable formats for each user.

However, they have already taken note and now you can also download your COVID certificate in Passbook format and take it with the rest of your virtual cards . Much more comfortable!

Next, we explain step by step how to download your COVID passport in .PKPASS format to carry it on your mobile. Let’s go there!

How to request your COVID passport in Passbook or Wallet format

Tutorial de cómo descargar tu pasaporte o certificado COVID en formato PKPASS o Passbook para Android

Downloading PKPASS files on Android is totally safe, and in this case you just have to follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health to download the COVID certificate in this format:

  1. Request your COVID certificate from the official website of the Spanish Ministry of Health .
  2. Identify yourself with the digital certificate installed in your browser or with your Permanent Cl@ve.
  3. Fill in all the information requested and check the box “I request to receive the certificate also in Wallet or Passbook format” .
  4. Choose the language in which to download your COVID passport (Spanish or English).
  5. Enter your mobile phone number .
  6. You will receive an automatic SMS from the Ministry (MSSI), with a link that is totally safe to open .
  7. In that link, you will only have to identify yourself with your DNI to be able to download your COVID certificate in Passbook format.

How to save your COVID certificate in PKPASS format in Google Pay

As you already know, Google already allows you to always carry your COVID passport with you through Google Pay, your personal card holder on your mobile . It is very simple!

However, PKPASS is an Apple file format , so Google Pay can’t open it properly. You need to convert the file to an Android format in order to save your COVID certificate to Google Pay.

Cómo guardar tu certificación COVID en Google Pay paso a paso

This is as easy to fix as installing an app like Pass2Pay and automatically converting the . It is the best in the Play Store for these tasks!


Price: Free

  1. Download the application and open it on your mobile.
  2. Click “Open .PKPASS file” and upload your COVID certificate file.
  3. The file will automatically fill in all the form data requested by the application, except for the “Program name” field. Fill it out as “COVID Certificate”.
  4. If you want, customize the image and color of the COVID certificate card that you will have in your Google Pay.
  5. Uncheck the “Include Pass2Pay terms of use” box .
  6. Hit “Save to phone” .
  7. After seeing an ad , since it is a free app with advertising, you can now save your COVID certificate with your Google Pay cards by clicking on “Save” .

And watch out! The counterfeit market is always up to date, and there are already fake COVID passports out there. Do not download any COVID certificate from a source other than the Ministry of Education website and use only trusted third-party applications to convert or manipulate your certificate.

And you, do you already have your COVID passport well stored on your mobile? Remember to always carry it by hand!