FREE apps for a limited time – only now they are free

One more week we have taken a tour of Google Play to find paid apps that are free . We have found a total of 11 free applications for a limited time that are worth downloading. These types of offers are temporary and are usually available between 24 and 48 hours . After this time they return to their normal state and can only be downloaded if you pay the amount that the developer chooses. Take advantage of Google Play offers and fill your mobile with apps!

Download these 11 apps totally free and save money

We have selected a total of 11 applications available on Google Play and that are on sale. If you download them during the duration of the offer you can take advantage of a 100% discount on all of them. No matter what they normally cost, they are now available absolutely free.

  1. Task Destroyer – Google Play
  2. Luwix – Icon Pack – Google Play
  3. Tracker Detect Pro – Google Play
  4. Motion Photo – Google Play
  5. Simple Quote Widget – Google Play
  6. Relax Sound – Google Play
  7. Phone Booster Pro – Google Play
  8. Memorize – Google Play
  9. Premium Camera – Google Play
  10. ownCloud – Google Play
  11. AppLock PRO – Google Play

Our recommendation is that you take a good look at all the apps and download them if you find them interesting. Remember that they are paid applications that you will not be able to download for free later. If you think they can be useful in the future, it is best to download them and keep them on your mobile.

There are a total of 11 apps that have a very varied cost, so you can save around 20 euros/dollars if you download them all. What do you think of these free applications for a limited time?