Future Samsung mobiles will eliminate physical buttons: everything will be software

A leaker has just published that Samsung is going to kill one of the physical elements of its current phones. As you can well read in the title, these elements are the physical buttons . Yes, the ones that right now allow you to raise/lower the volume or turn on/off any smartphone. The idea of the Korean company is to eliminate any trace of physical interaction with the interface , beyond the touch, of course. The leak -or rather rumor- comes along with a photo of the possible concept of Samsung .

If you have been following technological news for a while, you will know that this is not the first time that this issue has been hesitated, not even the first prototype. Years ago several companies tried to bring devices without physical buttons to market. The idea did not catch on, but it is true that Samsung was not among these manufacturers.

The Galaxy S25, in 2025, could arrive without physical buttons

What the source of this leak tells us is that Samsung is planning to remove the physical buttons from its devices. Not now, not even for the Galaxy S23. The proposal is intended for the high-end launched in 2025: the Samsung Galaxy S25 .

Samsung would be thinking of using the screen and other sensors to raise and lower the volume or turn the device on and off. Whether you will use touch zones or shortcuts in the interface is something that we do not know completely.

Will this be the first Samsung without buttons?

The source accompanies the leak with an image of what is supposed to be the Galaxy S25 in a few years. In it, a device with a curved screen at all its ends – also the lower and upper one – that has no buttons is glimpsed.

The image doesn’t show how the controls will be interacted with, so wait patiently for now. It is just an idea that Samsung would be considering, but it does not mean that it will be carried out. the development of the Galaxy S25 is far from over. Would you buy a mobile like this?