Google Maps is going to include its 3 best features in 2022 and you should know about them

If you use Google Maps to go from one place to another, there are 3 functions that interest you a lot and that will reach GPS in 2022. The app has announced a series of novelties related to navigation that are very interesting and that will be available soon. over the next few weeks. Soon you will be able to know how much the tolls you are going to pass through cost and very specific details of certain roads. We tell you everything.

Google Maps will tell you how much tolls cost

For years, Google Maps has given you the possibility to start navigation on routes with or without tolls. What the GPS does not allow you to know is how much the tolls you are going to pass through will cost . As of 2022 , this information is expected to be displayed.

Before selecting the route you are going to go through, Google will tell you how much the alleged toll costs. In this way you will have more information to know if it is worth taking certain routes or not. It is something that Waze already does and that will soon be released on Google Maps.

It will be implemented first in the US and then, little by little, in the rest of the countries. It will not arrive soon in Spain, but it will end up arriving.

Traffic lights and Stop will be marked on Google Maps

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Another novelty will be in the streets of the big cities. As of 2022, Google Maps plans to signal traffic lights and also stop signs . It is an interesting measure for users who are browsing unknown places.

According to the information, Google could report the exact situation of the traffic light . That is, it will show if it is green or red to be able to get ahead of the view. It may be an optional feature for the user, and of course it will only be available in major cities.

These 3 Google Maps features are gradually being developed and rolled out in the US, Indonesian and Japanese markets. It is a matter of time that they also arrive in Spain or Latin America to be able to complete, a little more, the best Android GPS .