Google Play adds a long-awaited and useful feature that will help you

Google Play is being updated with one of the most anticipated features of recent years. Google is aware that more and more devices can install Android apps: mobile phones, tablets, Smart TVs, Chromebooks, etc. For this reason, it is implementing a function that tells you the compatibility of apps with your active devices. It is very useful, because now you will be able to know on which of your devices the apps can be installed. We tell you how it works.

How to know if an app is compatible with your mobile

It seems incredible that this option is included in Google Play in May 2022. It is something that should have been in the Google app store for a long time, but it has not been until now that they have thought about it.

Google Play is now showing a new section in the information of the applications . It’s called ” Compatibility with your active devices ” and you should see it now or in the next few weeks. This section indicates which devices are compatible with the app you are viewing.

The first thing it will tell you is if the mobile from which you are entering is compatible, and its full name. Then it will tell you if your watch with WearOS is compatible and then the rest of the devices such as tablets, Android TV , etc.

It only includes active devices in the last 30 days , so you don’t have to worry about old terminals. Thanks to this section you will be able to know on which devices to install the app or if it is compatible with your current terminal.