How to activate the "Unknown Origin" option in Android 13 to install apps

Como permitir instalar aplicaciones de origen desconocido en Android 13

Do you want to install an application on your mobile with Android 13? If you’re trying to install from outside of Google Play, it’s most likely because you haven’t enabled the option from unknown sources . This option has existed on Android practically since its creation and is what allows you to install applications in APK, XAPK or APKM format without going through the filter of the official store.

In Android 13 the location of this option hasn’t changed much, but perhaps you’re coming from a very old version of Android where installing apps from unknown sources is handled differently. For example, in Android 10 this option is called External sources. Be that as it may, here we will explain step by step how to allow apps of unknown origin to be installed on Android 13 easily and quickly.

How to allow installing apps from unknown sources on Android 13

To be able to install an APK or other types of files on your Android 13 device from outside the Google Play Store, just follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings or Settings app.
  • Go to Applications .
  • Go to Special app access .
  • Click on Install unknown apps .
  • Choose the app from which you will install apps outside of Google Play. For example, if it is an APK downloaded from Chrome, you would have to select Chrome or the file explorer where you are launching the APK from. You can choose several apps, so don’t worry.
  • After selecting the app, tap on Trust this source .

Clever! That’s all you have to do to enable the installation of apps on Android 13 from unknown sources. Now you can go to the app you selected as trusted to install APK files from it without any limitations. That easy!

You can also allow apps from unknown sources to be installed on Android 13 from the apps themselves

paso 3 permitir instalar aplicaciones de origen desconocido en Android 13

If you forgot to turn on the “Trust this source” option for a specific app from which you want to install APK files, don’t worry. You do not need to follow the previous tutorial. When you click on the APK to install it, you will get the following message:

“For your security, the phone is currently not allowed to install unknown apps from this source. You can modify this option in Settings.”

At that point, simply tap on the Settings option that you will see in that floating window and then tap on Trust this source . Next, you will see the option to install the APK that you had selected at the beginning. It is done! If you have any questions, let us know in the comments.