How to Choose Best SEO Keyword

Search Engines play one of the most crucial roles in the popularity of your website. No matter how carefully you develop the online marketing strategy and implement them, if ‘Keywords’ are not chosen carefully enough, then it’s likely that all your effort would go in vein. Selecting the right keyword can be one of the most vital deciding factors to ensure successful SEO campaign.

What is Keyword in SEO?

Generally speaking, a keyword is a significant word or phrase appears on the pages of a document which captures the core essence of the topic. To be more particular, for search engine optimization, keyword is a word that a search engine user searches to find relevant web pages of his need. If the keyword doesn’t appear anywhere in the textual part of your document, then there are high chances that your webpage will not appear in the search engine result.

How to choose best SEO keywords for your website:

Know your target users and prepare a key phrase list accordingly: Knowing your target users profile including the existing customers, always helps to decide the correct strategy for your business. Once you have the audience profile in hand, conduct a small study to know what keywords they may likely to use to search for the service your company offers. It’s best to ask people outside your company for their inputs. Only after that, include your own list of likely phrases and prepare the final list of keywords.

Use long-tail keywords: Long tail keywords are keywords composed of two or more words. These are very specific in comparison to single word general keywords. Such keywords tend to drive more visitors than single word keywords. For example, if your website sells ‘books’, relevant keywords may include ‘self help books’, ‘gardening books’ or ‘cookery books’. If you narrow down your keywords in this way instead of using common keywords, this will help you to focus on particular section of the users you specifically target.

Avoid using keywords that are too explicit: Selecting keywords that are specific in nature helps to ensure visitors traffic in your website. True. But using a phrase that is too definite in its sense is of no use. For instance, it may not make any sense if you select keyword ‘personality development book publishing house from California’ for your website. Specific keyword may increase traffic in your website but using keyword that is too specific, is ineffective because not many people search for them in reality.

Avoid using keywords that are unpopular: It’s always important to make sure that you select keyword relevant to your website content and which are popular enough to drive visitors. There are certain free tools as well as few paid tools available online to verify popularity of keywords as well as include keyword suggestions to improve your website ranking.

Think properly: To sum it up, the best way to select apt keyword for your site is to think in deep and accurate manner. So, know your target customers, prepare the list of key words accordingly, select keyword that are specific in nature but make sure not to use keywords that are too categorized or unpopular in nature. But most importantly use your common sense to get desired result.

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