How to Convert Audio to Text Using Office on Android

como pasar audios a texto con office android

Microsoft’s popular office suite, Office, has released a very interesting feature in its version for Android mobiles that allows you to convert voice notes to text in real time. The feature is actually only capable of transcribing new voice recordings , making it ideal for students and journalists. However, if you play audio out loud from your mobile or other device, Office will be able to record it and convert it to text.

The feature can also highlight text during audio playback synchronously to help you easily review your voice memos. You don’t have to be a Microsoft 365 subscriber to use it, but if you are, the feature will also let you split and transcribe recordings from different speakers based on their identity.

So you can transcribe voice notes using Office for Android

como pasar notas de voz a texto con office android

To transcribe audio with Microsoft Office for Android, just follow these steps:

  • First of all, download (or update) the Microsoft Office app on your mobile. It must be version v16.0.14026.20096 or later.
  • Then open the app and sign in with a Microsoft account . This is necessary since when using the app without an account it is not possible to make transcripts.
  • On the home screen, tap the “+” button at the bottom.
  • Select the Voice option.
  • Now, tap on the microphone button to start recording.
  • Tap Done when you’re done recording.

That’s it! The function will automatically convert the recording to text and you will be able to see the transcript when you select it in the list of recordings, which is on the initial screen of the app.

audio transcrito por office en android

One very important thing to note is that at the time of this writing, the feature is only available in English . If you want to use it right now, you will necessarily have to change the language of your Android mobile to English. Obviously, you will only be able to transcribe voice notes where English is spoken.

Finally, you also need to know that this feature is 100% dependent on an Internet connection. You cannot use it without Internet or with an unstable Internet , because the transcription is done in real time and, when a slight drop is detected, the app stops transcribing.

So for now, we don’t think Office is the best app for transcribing voice memos . So that you don’t leave empty-handed, in the following link we present 2 apps to convert your audio into text.