How to create stickers on Instagram with a selfie of yours

Stickers Instagram

Do you want to give your Instagram conversations a more fun touch with stickers with your selfies? Well, this can be done in the app, and creating stickers with your selfies is not complicated at all.

This method that we will explain to you will allow you to create stickers with your selfies and send them as private messages to some of your friends or even in Instagram groups. Do you dare to discover how to create these stickers?

What is an Instagram sticker?

Sticker de Instagram

Instagram stickers are the same as WhatsApp stickers. In general, they are static or animated images that allow you to transmit a graphic message. They are something like evolved emojis , because once you start using them as a way to express some feeling, it is difficult for you to stop using them.

If the stickers are used to convey sensations or feelings , then the stickers with your selfies will serve much better for that since you can express what you are feeling through the image.

How to make selfie stickers on Instagram?

Now that you know what stickers are and what they are for, we will show you how you can create one with your selfie. To make stickers with your selfies on Instagram you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Instagram (try to have the latest version of the app).
  2. Go to the chat or group in which you want to send the sticker with your selfie.
  3. Click on the “+” symbol that appears in the bottom bar.
  4. Click on the sticker icon .
  5. Select the option that says “ SELFIE ”.Cómo crear stickers con tu selfie Instagram
  6. Choose from the 6 reactions that Instagram provides to create a “Selfie Sticker”.
  7. Take the photo and send it .Cómo crear stickers con tu selfie en Instagram

This function can be fun if you put a little creativity into it, however, it has a slightly negative point and that is that there is no way in which you can save the sticker that you sent . This implies that every time you want to send a selfie sticker in your Instagram chats, you will have to create it again, which is a very big difference with WhatsApp stickers that you can create and save them.

What did you think of the “Selfie Sticker” feature on Instagram? Did you already know how to create a sticker with your selfie?