How to Make Calls with a WiFi-Only Apple Watch

Many users opt for the WiFi-only version of the Apple Watch due to cost considerations or limited need for cellular connectivity. However, did you know that you can still make calls without your iPhone? With a few simple steps, you can configure your Apple Watch to make calls via FaceTime, even without an LTE connection.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Activate WiFi Calling:
    • On your iPhone, navigate to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling.
    • Turn on both “On This iPhone” and “Add Wi-Fi Calling for Other Devices.”
  2. Place a Call from Your Apple Watch:
    • Open the Phone app on your Apple Watch.
    • Choose a contact and tap the phone symbol.
    • Select the phone number or FaceTime address you want to call.

You can also use this feature to call emergency numbers such as 112 in Europe. However, note that it will only work with devices that support FaceTime.

Additionally, being connected to a WiFi network allows you to access various other functions on your Apple Watch, including:

  • Getting apps from the App Store
  • Sending messages
  • Using Walkie-talkie
  • Streaming music, podcasts, and audiobooks
  • Adding music
  • Checking weather conditions
  • Reviewing stock market values
  • Controlling smart home devices
  • Using third-party apps that support WiFi

Your Apple Watch automatically saves the passwords and networks used by your iPhone. Therefore, it’s recommended to connect to available WiFi networks whenever possible, even if you don’t plan on using them immediately. This ensures that your Apple Watch remains connected and ready for use in case you ever need to make calls or access other functions without your iPhone nearby.

In conclusion, even if you have a WiFi-only Apple Watch, you can still enjoy the convenience of making calls and accessing various features without relying on your iPhone’s LTE connection. Simply activate WiFi calling and connect to WiFi networks whenever possible to stay connected and prepared for any situation.