How to optimize Genshin Impact on Android to increase FPS

Como optimizar Genshin Impact en Android

If you downloaded the wonderful video game Genshin Impact on your Android mobile device, but you have noticed that it crashes, suffers from low FPS and does not run well at all , don’t despair!

You don’t need to buy a high-end phone to be able to enjoy this game fluently, as there are some tips that you can do to improve the performance of Genshin Impact on your Android mobile .

Before we show you the different tips that you can apply on your terminal to optimize the respective game, you should check what the minimum requirements are to play Genshin Impact on Android. If your mobile partially complies with them, you could increase the performance of the game by 20% (following our advice).

Optimizing Genshin Impact on Android is possible

Mejorar rendimiento Genshin Impact en Android

Luckily, and specifically in this case, it is not necessary to have experience in “overclocking” to be able to improve the performance of the game on Android . Well, just by touching some settings present within the game, it is possible to achieve an improvement that goes from 5% to 20%.

Having clarified this, below we are going to show you what are the methods that you can apply on your phone to be able to optimize Genshin Impact, do you plan to miss them?

Lower the graphic quality of Genshin Impact on your Android mobile

Are you still with the presets that the game has chosen for you? This is a very bad decision. Although these types of games often select “acceptable” graphics settings, you can always improve performance by choosing settings manually .

To do this, we advise you to follow the following steps:

  • Open the game and load your saved game . Once you are inside the world of Genshin Impact, you must click on the small button that is located at the top left of the map .
  • A menu will open with several options, click on the one that has the shape of a toothed wheel .
  • Therefore, you will have to go to the option called “Graphics”.
  • Pay close attention to the bar next to “Current Performance Load” . If it is green , you should not make any changes. On the other hand, if that bar is showing red , you will need to customize the graphics of the game.
  • From Androidphoria we advise you to choose the “Low” option in Graphics quality. This will make the game look much smoother.

In addition to this, if your mobile has a screen of 90 Hz or more and you want to take advantage of that high refresh rate, you should check if the option called “FPS” allows you to select more than 30 FPS, worth the redundancy.

Activar 60 FPS en Genshin Impact Android

This setting can be found within the section called “Graphics” in the game settings (it is located on the right side of “FPS” ).

Don’t know what parameters you should modify to improve the performance of Genshin Impact?

Que graficos elegir para Genshin Impact Android

If you have not understood what we have shown you in the tutorial, do not worry, below we will detail what are the settings that you must select to enjoy optimal performance when playing Genshin Impact on Android.

  • Resolution : Very low.
  • Shadow quality : Low.
  • Visual Effects : Low.
  • Effects quality : Very low.
  • Scene details : Very low.
  • FPS : 30 or 60.
  • Motion blur : No.
  • Bloom : No.
  • Antialiasing : No.
  • Density of people : Low.
  • Partner effects in multiplayer : Partially.

Note that these settings will reduce the graphic quality of the game to a minimum , what does it mean? That you will see your character and other details of the world of Genshin Impact with extremely poor graphic quality.

Please close all applications before playing Genshin Impact.

Cierra todas las aplicaciones en tu movil Android

Unlike game consoles that have access to Genshin Impact (PlayStation and Nintendo), your mobile device will not give this game priority when running , what does this mean? That it will continue to run the applications you have open as normal.

In other words, if you have several apps open when playing Genshin Impact , you will notice a significant reduction in terms of optimization, since both the RAM and the processor of your mobile device will share resources to continue running those apps.

Having cleared up this situation, the best thing that you can do is to close all the applications that you have open on your phone . In this way, you will not only be able to improve the performance of the game, you will also prevent the battery of your mobile from consuming more quickly.

Optimize the RAM of your Android phone

Optimizar memoria RAM movil Android

Last but not least, you can make your phone run much better Genshin Impact at launch. To do this, you must implement the following recommendations :

  • Please restart your Android phone before starting to play Genshin Impact.
  • Have at least 50% battery every time you want to play.
  • Delete the junk files that you have stored on your phone (you can use Files Go).
  • Prevent other apps from running in the background.

It should be added that in Androidphoria we have a very complete note in which we show how to improve the performance of a mobile with little RAM, an article that you should take a look at.

Without much more to add, if you also play other games of this style on your Android phone, such as Diablo Immortal, you could improve their performance by following the tips that we show in this note. There we explain, in detail, what to do to improve the performance of Android games, don’t miss it!