Improve WiFi on your mobile with this simple and unknown trick: more stability and speed

Do you have problems with the WiFi of your mobile? Does it cut every so often? It is very slow? Today we are going to try to tell you a trick that few people know to solve several of the WiFi problems on the mobile . It has to do with the saturation of the network and the different broadcast channels of your router. Do not worry if you do not know what we are talking about: we are going to tell you everything step by step so that you can carry out the process without having previous knowledge. Ready? You will only need your mobile!

Is your WiFi channel saturated? Check it!

That the Wi -Fi is slow or cuts may be due to a saturation of the channel in which it is broadcasting. In the 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz band there are several channels where your WiFi can broadcast the signal for your devices to receive.

It is very likely that if you live in a large block of flats or in a city some of these channels are saturated . If there are many routers broadcasting the signal on the same channel, you may experience slowdowns or random cuts in the WiFi .

It is not a problem with your mobile , rather with how your router is sending the information to the rest of the devices. To check which channel your router is broadcasting on , and if it is saturated, you will need the WiFi Analyzer app.

  1. Open WiFi Analyzer and grant the necessary permissions
  2. Connect to your home WiFi network
  3. Go to the section ‘ Channel Chart
  4. Identify the color arc that corresponds to your WiFi network

These arcs show the different WiFi networks within reach of your terminal. At the bottom you will see a series of numbers ordered from 1 to 13 . These are the broadcast channels of conventional routers.

You must find which one your router is broadcasting on and make sure if it is a saturated channel or not. Are there many more networks on that channel? It is possible that it is a very used channel in your location and this is the reason.

Before closing the app, look for a channel in which there are few routers broadcasting or that is almost free. Now the goal is to make your router broadcast on this free or almost free channel so that everything works better.

How to change the WiFi channel

In order to change the broadcast channel of the router, it is necessary to enter its configuration. It is something simple that you can do from your mobile and that will only take you a couple of minutes. Follow the steps to the letter and you will not have any problems or errors.

  1. Open your browser and enter:
  2. Enter the router configuration with ‘Admin’ as user and ‘1234’ as password
  3. Look for the ‘WiFi’ or ‘ WLAN ‘ options
  4. In the ‘Channel’ section, select the channel that you had previously identified as free
  5. Click on ‘exit and save’

Each router can have a different configuration , although they are all based on very similar interfaces. Patiently look for the WiFi channel change and change it. That will be enough.

From that moment your network will start broadcasting on the channel you have selected, which is less saturated than the previous one. This change will make your WiFi connection much more stable and faster, especially if you live in a block of flats or in areas with many routers around you.

This change can be very helpful when you have already done other tricks or tutorials and they have not been effective. It is usually even more useful if your router is several years old, since the new ones have advanced channel selection systems.

Now you know another trick to improve your home WiFi in a few minutes. Remember: analyze which channels are saturated and try to change them in the router configuration. Has it served you? Did you know this trick for WiFi ?