Instagram against TikTok: will prioritize original videos

Instagram will give priority to original content , something that is no coincidence because it is a way of trying to “recommend” users not to share TikTok videos in order to avoid the proliferation of these videos on its platform, which is its main rival.

There is no doubt about the popularity of TikTok, a social network that allows you to upload increasingly longer videos with a multitude of effects and music. From Instagram they realized it at the time and that is why they launched Instagram Reels , Meta’s alternative to TikTok.

However, it is quite common to find TikTok videos already shared within Reels , that is, there are some creators who use Reels’ own tools to create them and many others are videos that have been made on TikTok, and this is what you want avoid.

More value than the original

It has been Adam Mosseri himself, one of those who works on Instagram, who has announced that originality will be valued within Instagram Reels . They want users to produce new and original content and, if possible, avoid sharing videos already seen on other platforms.

What is intended with this is that the creators who generate original content are better valued than those who do not, it would mean greater visibility within Reels by giving more prominence to those new videos, and thus reward the effort and work of all those users.

Therefore, those profiles that are mainly dedicated to uploading original and different content will be more valued. The change in the algorithm will help all this and let’s remember that, in addition, Instagram is working on stopping recommending all the Reels taken from TikTok.

It’s a matter of time before those users become more prestigious members within Instagram , giving them the recognition they deserve for offering original content. Apart from this important change that they want to achieve, there are also two more novelties.

They have to do with labels, the possibility of tagging products is added and an improvement in labels in general . These 3 new changes begin to be available in the United States at first, it is expected that they will soon also arrive in other countries.

With these developments, especially with the better rating of original Instagram content to prevent people from continuing to share TikTok, the social network aims to better its course so that more and more people use its platform in order to be the best.