Instagram won't do as much damage to your mental health thanks to these two new features

Instagram quiere ser menos toxica con estas dos nuevas funciones

Instagram is harmful to the mental health of young people, and that is nothing new. Last year, both Facebook and Instagram admitted that they have done harm to teenagers. The problem has been of such magnitude that Meta had to go out and deny that Instagram is toxic for its users despite the evidence, in a desperate attempt to wash its image . But now it seems that they are taking it more seriously, since they will implement two functions that will make the social network less toxic.

One of them will suggest that you explore different topics and not be obsessed with just one , such as your appearance or body image. And the other will be a kind of rest reminder for you to get away from the app after using it for a long time. Both functions have already been confirmed by Instagram, although they are not yet available to everyone, as their deployment has only just begun.

Instagram is changing to be less toxic: this way it will avoid damaging your mental health

instagram te recomienda temas diferentes

Instagram’s new feature that will invite you to move on from a topic you may be obsessed with will appear as a notification in the Explore section. This notification will encourage you to look at other topics , recommending photos and videos that may interest you, but that are not related to the things you usually see on Instagram.

Interestingly, Instagram says that it will never recommend something related to body image or appearance comparisons , as it is without a doubt the most toxic type of content on the platform that does nothing to avoid mental health problems.

“We designed this new feature because research suggests that nudges can be effective in helping people – especially teens – become more aware of their current social media use. In a study of effects of nudges on social media usage, 58.2% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that nudges improved their social media experience by helping them be more mindful of their time on the platform Our own research shows they work, too: During a one-week trial period, one in five teens who saw our new ads changed the subject.”

Less time on Instagram and more education on digital wellness

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In addition to the above, Instagram has also launched “Take Break” (take a break, in Spanish), a function that will remind you to take time off from the platform . This reminder will appear mainly in Reels, which are the most engaging type of Instagram content. However, it is not ruled out that it will jump while you are exploring posts in the search section.

For now, Instagram break reminder is only available in the US, UK, Ireland, and Canada , but it will roll out to more countries soon.

On the other hand, it should be noted that Instagram will start funding young creators who offer wellness education based on criteria provided by a committee of experts specializing in psychology and digital literacy. Quite curious, really.

Source | Instagram official blog