iPad Air 2024: Navigating Potential Screen Size and Chip Upgrades

As we approach spring 2024, anticipation grows for potential updates to Apple’s iPad lineup, with the iPad Air at the center of speculation. This device, known for its versatility and performance, may soon witness enhancements that could redefine its market position. Below, we delve into the expected improvements and innovations that could accompany the next iteration of the iPad Air.

Anticipated Upgrades in the iPad Air 2024

The iPad Air, a favorite among Apple enthusiasts for its balance of power and portability, might undergo significant updates in the upcoming release. Here’s what we might expect:

Dual Screen Size Options

Rumors suggest the introduction of two screen sizes for the iPad Air: the standard 10.9 inches and a new, larger 12.9-inch version. This shift aims to cater to users seeking larger displays for their iPads, though it could potentially impact the device’s affordability and portability. The question remains whether this expansion is necessary or if it could dilute the iPad Air’s identity as a versatile and compact device.

Transition to the M2 Chip

The upgrade from the M1 to the M2 chip is one of the most anticipated changes for the iPad Air. This leap would not only enhance performance but also improve energy efficiency, keeping the iPad Air competitive with other high-end tablets and even encroaching on MacBook territory for certain use cases. It’s expected that the M2 chip will feature in the Air and Mini models, reserving the more powerful M3 chip for the iPad Pro lineup.

Release Timeline

While Apple has yet to confirm the launch date for the next iPad Air, industry insiders point to a spring 2024 release. Historically, Apple has favored March for its product announcements, although a June unveiling at the WWDC isn’t out of the question.


The iPad Air’s upcoming iteration could mark a significant milestone in its evolution, potentially introducing dual screen sizes and incorporating the advanced M2 chip. These changes promise to bolster its appeal to a broader audience, though they also raise questions about the device’s core identity and price point. As spring 2024 draws near, all eyes will be on Apple to see how it navigates these challenges and opportunities.