It's false! Doja Cat will not give you €3000 on September 1st if you use this audio

Doja Cat regala 3000 euros en TikTok

During the last days, thousands of videos have been seen on TikTok where they assure that Doja Cat will give away €3,000 to all people who use a specific audio when creating content.

Despite the fact that there have been many users who “have eaten this hoax” , the reality is that none of this is true . It is not necessary to carry out an extensive investigation to get to the bottom of the matter, because just by entering the official account that the singer has on TikTok, it can be seen that at no time has she promised to give away money .

Doja Cat will not give away money on TikTok, don’t waste your time!

Doja Cat no regalara 3000 euros el 1 de septiembre

Users who have joined this viral indicate that the singer Doja Cat will give away €3,000 to all TikTok users who use the “Beach Waves Sounds” audio. This does not make any kind of sense, since said audio has not been uploaded by Doja Cat, nor does it refer to any of the songs that the artist in question has released.

So why has this lie gone viral? We do not have the answer to that question, although we can say that this could have gone viral due to the large sum of money that the singer would supposedly give away.

If you have uploaded a video to TikTok with this audio , and you are also waiting for September 1 to receive your money, we recommend you not to get your hopes up, because you will not receive a single penny . Moreover, the best thing you can do is delete the video from your TikTok account, since you will be feeding totally false news.

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