Let's copy! Android is copying one of the best features of the iPhone

The synergy of Apple devices is increasingly extended to Android devices . Companies have realized that the user experience is gaining ground in decision making, so it is changing some things. Today it’s time to talk about IOS, iPhone, Android and Windows . These last two are copying one of the most useful features of the iPhone and Macs . We tell you what it is and when you can use it!

The function is related to the Internet access point that smartphones are capable of generating. They are very useful if you want to work with your computer from anywhere, because you simply have to activate it and connect from the PC. Now this experience will be even better.

More synergies between Windows and Android: automatic connection

Notificaciones Android en PC

The latest Windows 11 update has revealed the company’s intentions. Among its novelties is that of being able to connect to the access point of a smartphone automatically. That is, the network will appear in the list of available even when you have not activated the function on the smartphone.

Of course, in order to do this you will have to configure the app that pairs Windows computers and Android phones to receive notifications, transfer files, etc. After doing so you will be able to access the hotspot of your mobile without having to activate it first . Of course, only you can do this.

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You can turn on your PC, go to the available WiFi networks and select the one generated by your smartphone. The computer will activate this network without you having to touch the mobile , so you will save a step. If you use this function, you will know that it is an important saving and something that will generate a lot of comfort.

This same feature has been on Apple phones and computers for years : Macs can connect to the iPhone’s hotspot even when it’s turned off. It is truly useful.

It won’t be soon, but it will be

Only some Windows 11 users can currently access the feature. Also, it only works on Samsung devices running One UI 4.1 or higher. But don’t worry, it’s only a matter of time before other manufacturers allow remote activation of the access point and the function begins to be available on other devices.