New Xinji Smartwatch with 25 days of battery life, good design and low price

  1. Are you looking for a smart watch or Smartwatch ? If you need a discreet one, with a very good battery and compatible with any Android mobile, we have the perfect candidates for you. The Xinji brand has just landed in Latin America with two very interesting new models at a good price. These are the COBEE C2 and the PAGT G2 . If you are looking for a cheap smartwatch, both are very good options.

COBEE C2: AMOLED screen and 25 days of autonomy

The COBEE C2 is the cheaper of the two and is available in black or silver. It is a round screen smartwatch with almost everything you can expect from a smartwatch. Its screen is in color, has HD resolution and AMOLED technology . In addition, the glass of its screen is 2.5D, which ensures a good fusion with the body of the watch.

It has a button on the right side, sensors placed at the bottom and the typical design of a traditional watch. Of course, it can be connected to any Android mobile , control it, receive notifications and monitor sports . These are some of its features!

  • 1.3-inch screen
    • HD resolution 360×360 pixels
    • AMOLED
    • With reduced bezels
  • Always On Display Mode
  • cardiac sensor
  • blood oxygen sensor
  • sleep monitoring
  • Monitoring of 14 sports
  • Certification for immersions up to 3 ATM
  • 25 days of battery
  • Smart controls and notifications
  • own application

PAGT G2: more advanced and compact

The PAGT G2 is a more advanced model designed for users with smaller hands. Its screen is more compact and weighs less, but it is also more advanced. It has extra sensors , more advanced features and a higher screen resolution.

It is the option you should choose if you think that the COBEE C2 may fall short in some points. Here are the key features of the PAGT G2:

  • 1.2-inch screen
    • HD resolution 390×390 pixels
    • AMOLED
    • 2.5D glass
    • reduced bezels
  • Side button with scroll wheel
  • Always On Display
  • Includes simple games
  • Menstrual cycle monitoring
  • 24/7 cardiac monitoring
  • SpO2 sensor
  • Certification up to 3 ATM
  • Monitoring of 15 sports
  • Smart controls and notifications
  • 20 days of autonomy
  • own application

You can buy both smart watches in Mercadolibre with a promotional price of $59.90 for the COBEE C2 and $65.00 for the PAGT G2 .

Xinji is a new brand founded in 2016 that is committed to the Latin American market and offers very interesting solutions that other international brands do not reach these countries.