Update a Profile

To update a profile, you should:

  1. Select the profile(URL) from the profile list
    • Right click on the profle and select “Update Profile”
    • or Click on the “Update” button from the toolbar
    • or Click on the “File” menu and select”Update profile”

Privacy Policy

Collection and use of information In order to provide our full range of services, we may collect the following types of information: Information you provide – When you visit CuteRank.net we ask you for personal information (name, surname, and email address) which we maintain in encrypted form on secure servers. Use of cookies – When … Read more

Track Website Ranking Performance, Free Rank Checker Tool

CuteRank is not only able to check your current website rankings on multiple search engines, but also store the website ranking data into database , so that allows us to track website rankings in a very long term (1 year) and see website ranking fluctuations after changes on the website or on the search engines side. Let’s have a look how we can track website ranking performance with CuteRank.


This is the FAQ page Q: Why my rank in CuteRank is so different from the actual rank when I searched it in a browser? A: Please check if you have logged in you Google account, if so, the results may be different. You can log out and do it again.