Prime subscribers will now have access to all of Amazon Music for free

amazon music ahora es gratis para usuarios prime

Amazon Prime is perhaps the most complete subscription of any online platform throughout the planet. Originally, it provided faster shipping for little or no additional cost. As Amazon grew, Amazon Prime subscribers began to receive other goodies: exclusive offers, access to Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Photos, Prime Reading, free games and much more.

In addition, these users had access to certain features of Prime Music, Spotify’s competition streaming music platform. Now, Amazon has just upgraded its premium subscription yet again, making Amazon Music free for Prime users , albeit with certain conditions.

Free access to more than 100 million songs, but you will not be able to choose them freely

suscripcion Amazon Prime Music 100 millones de canciones

Until before the announcement, Amazon Prime subscribers already had free access to Amazon Music , but only 2 million songs. This was a tiny figure when compared to all the titles on the platform, which is what users will now receive.

From now on, Amazon Prime users will have access to the more than 100 million songs that Amazon Music has. Yes, 100% of the catalog available and totally free of ads , although there is a small condition.

If you access the platform as an Amazon Prime user, you will not be able to freely choose the songs you want to listen to. On the contrary, you will only be able to choose between the different playlists that Amazon has available on its service. At first glance, this limitation may seem negative, but the lists are really varied and will allow you to discover new music.

Besides, it is not such a serious problem, since you can choose if you want to listen only to your favorite artists or albums , although through the playlists that Amazon creates for each case. Of course, shuffle will also be available to you.

Another novelty that will reach Amazon Prime users is that you will be able to listen to all the podcasts available on Amazon Music, without additional payments. Among them, you can find content from CNN, ESPN, as well as exclusive Amazon podcasts about celebrities and famous athletes.

The Amazon Music app will be renewed soon

App de amazon music cambio de interfaz

Along with the previous announcement, Amazon revealed that the Amazon Music app will receive a facelift soon. Not only will there be a new, much more intuitive interface, but podcast previews will be added in the future . This functionality will be called “Podcast Previews” and will allow you to listen to small fragments of each episode to know if it is of interest to you.

Finally, we can not leave one thing aside: this movement of Amazon is really curious , as well as interesting. Why do we say it? Because Apple recently announced that it would increase the prices of Apple Music, something that is also in Spotify’s plans.

So if Amazon decides to improve its Amazon Music offer for Prime users, it could be a great move. Not only for the users, but for the platform itself which is sure to attract a lot of new subscribers .