RawNeRF: the future of mobile photos with GCam

Google RawNeRF una tecnologia que podria revolucionar la GCam

The GCam, the Google Pixel camera application that is usually adapted to other Android mobiles, has attracted so much attention from the world that now everyone wants to have this camera software on their mobiles. But innovation does not stop and the developers of this app have created a new method to obtain spectacular photos even in low light, we are talking about the RawNeRF system.

RawNeRF, also known as neural radiation fields or neural radiance fields , is a new technology that is being implemented in Pixel mobile cameras to reach a new level of quality. The objective of this technology is to be able to improve photos, reducing the noise of raw files, also called Raw, using different focus points.

What is RawNeRF and how does it work?

Let’s start by making a very important term clear: Raw files , or rather, raw photographs without processing. These files do not show a photo adapted to something that the user could enjoy, but they show exactly what the sensor captured at the time the photo was taken.

jpg y raw

Take a look at the comparison above, for example, on one side we see a rather dark photo whose only light source is a candle. Photography is pleasing to the eye, however, it leaves out many aspects of the image. Instead, on the other side we see a broader image, with more readings and more complete, but that has a lot of noise, which makes it not very pleasant to look at, this is the Raw photo .

RawNeRF technology allows us to convert this raw photo into a much clearer photo using different camera viewpoints to reconstruct a sharper image by removing much of the noise while preserving detail. In this way, we have everything that the camera sensor captured when taking the photo in impressive quality.

raw brillante y rawnerf

In the photo above we can see the miracles that can be achieved with RawNeRF technology. And the best part is that there is so much more that can be achieved with RawNeRF technology ; dark photos are just the tip of the iceberg.

What else can I do with RawNeRF?


Having cleared up the improved and clearer photos in the dark, it is necessary to mention the fact that neural radiation field technology has the ability to build a 3D model of a photo by creating a composite of the different photos. obtained from multiple points of view.

That is, we can obtain a photo that we can move to change the angle and obtain a more real experience of the scene , as if we were really in the place where the photo was taken. At the same time, we can also play with the focus, in such a way that we can make the photo focus anywhere we want , drawing attention to the section that we like the most.

As we can see in the video above, another excellent feature of this technology is the fact that, thanks to the reconstruction of the photograph, you can alter the exposure of the image and also the tone map. So you can play with the light sources and increase or decrease their exposure with the intention of attracting or removing more detail from the shadows in the photo .

It is amazing what can be achieved with RawNeRF and we are certainly excited to see how this idea develops. For now it is only a project, but if this technology reaches mobile phones, we will be able to have photos with an enormous amount of detail in the palm of our hands .

We hope that you have enjoyed this article about the RawNeRF technology in the GCam and now understand a little more about how this amazing innovation works and better understand why you should start using a GCam on your mobile. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the RawNeRF, leave it in the comments and we will gladly answer.