Removing your account from a Twitter list is that easy

Cómo quitar tu cuenta de una lista Twitter

Twitter lists are very useful. Thanks to this function you manage to organize your feed to always see the publications of your favorite users. But these tools have a problem: any stranger can add you to their lists .

Do you want to prevent this from happening? Then today is your lucky day. Here you will see how to remove your profile from a Twitter list . Doing it is very easy and will only take you a couple of minutes. This way your account will be much more private!

Steps to remove your profile from a Twitter list

Eliminar perfil de una lista de Twitter

Although there are many alternatives to Twitter, this social network continues to set trends in the sector. And what is the key to its success? Well, the app is always renewed with great new features , such as Twitter Spaces or Twitter Blue (the social network’s premium subscription).

However, one of the functions that has helped us the most since the beginning of the app is the customizable Twitter lists. But, as we discussed above, this feature allows strangers to list you without your consent . This can be used to expose your tweets and your most private data.

To remove your account from a Twitter list , you must do the following:

  • Go to Twitter and tap on the 3 horizontal lines icon .
  • Click the “Lists” button.
  • Click on the icon of the 3 vertical points (it is in the upper right corner of your screen).
  • Select the “Lists You’re On” option.

Cómo verificar si tu perfil esta en una lista de Twitter

  • Now enter a list and press the button with the 3 vertical dots .
  • Then you will see a submenu on your screen. Here click the “Block @xxx” option . Next to the at sign is the username of the creator of the list. By doing this, they will no longer be able to add you to their lists again.

Cómo eliminar tu perfil de una lista de Twitter

Of course, we warn you that this only serves to delete your account from public lists . There is no way to remove your profile from a private Twitter list.

The definitive trick so that spam accounts do not add you to their Twitter lists

Even if you block their user, at some point that annoying stranger may create another Twitter account and include your profile in their lists again .

So how can you permanently fix this problem? Well , by activating the setting “Protect your Tweets” . By doing this, your followers will be the only ones who can add your account to their lists.

Below you will see the steps to follow to protect your tweets :

  • Open Twitter and go to “Settings and privacy” .
  • Tap the “Privacy and security” menu.
  • Check the box for the “Protect your Tweets” option.
  • And ready!

Solución para que ninguna cuenta de spam te añada a sus listas Do you like Twitter lists? Do you use this feature a lot? Tell us in the comment box.