See Star Plus on your SmartTV with Roku is possible with this trick

Como tener la aplicacion de Star Plus en Roku

If you are a Roku user, you will know that this is an excellent option to be able to enjoy multiple streaming services on your SmartTV. However, not all platforms are available, like Star Plus for example, we still have a little trick so you can watch Star Plus on your Roku TV.

Is Star Plus available on Roku?

star plus

The short answer is no, there is not yet an app within Roku systems that allows you to access your Star Plus account , in the same way that there are options to watch Netflix, HBO Max, or Disney Plus.

That is why here we bring you an alternative so that you can enter your Star Plus account using your Roku TV and your mobile. The process is quite simple and the only thing you need to carry it out is your Roku system, previously installed and connected to your TV, and a relatively recent mobile.

The mobile can work with an Android operating system or with an iOS operating system, both options are valid and functional .

How to watch Star Plus on my Roku TV?

star plus en roku

To start enjoying the extensive content of Star Plus on your Roku TV you will have to follow these steps to the letter:

  • Turn on your TV and go to the Roku main menu to enter the Settings section.
  • Once there, head over to the AirPlay and HomeKit option .
  • Enable the Airplay option .
  • Go to your Android mobile, pull down the feature curtain and there you can find Cast, Smartview or Screen mirror option. The name of these options varies depending on the mobile brand, but they all work for the same purpose.
  • Enter this option to cast your screen and select your Roku system in the list of devices , remember that both your mobile and the Roku must be connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Now you can enter Star Plus from your mobile and it will be seen directly on your TV.

Don’t worry about it only being seen vertically, because once you play any series or movie it will automatically be placed on a horizontal screen. And if you want to do this same process with an iPhone, it’s exactly the same, the only difference is that iOS offers the option of Screen Mirroring to cast what you see on your mobile.

That is all. We hope it has been useful for you and that now you can enjoy great series like The Simpsons, How I met your mother, and many more from Star Plus on your Roku TV screen . We say goodbye and if you have any questions about the process, do not hesitate to leave it in the comments section.