Solutions that you can apply if your mobile turns off by itself

Soluciones que puedes aplicar si tu móvil se apaga solo

One of the most annoying things that can happen to us is that we are using our mobile and it turns off by itself , without warning, when we are sending a message, when we check an email or simply when we are using a social network. Much worse if we are on an important call.

Turning off the mobile is a signal that something is wrong with the mobile, but don’t worry, you can solve it and you don’t have to change it or throw it away!

In this article that we are going to present to you, you are going to read some solutions that you can apply to solve the problem in a simple way and from your home.

8 things you can do to stop your mobile from turning off by itself

As time goes by, mobile phones can start to fail , especially if we download many applications. Some of these apps may have viruses that in some cases affect the software of our mobile. If you continue here, it is because you are interested in knowing what you can do to stop it from turning off. Take note!

Update your mobile

Some Android updates can be done automatically, but with errors. That is why mobiles begin to present problems and become a disaster. It is important that you always keep it updated!

The first thing you should rule out is that there is no update available that you have not done to your mobile. To check it, follow these steps:

  • Go to the “ Settings ” or “ Configuration ” part.
  • In the “ Updates ” area, verify that there are no updates available or pending.
  • If there is one to download and install, start the process.
  • It is important that you have 20% battery or more, not less! In some cases it may take a long time to update.

These are general steps that can change from one mobile to another, although the ways to do it are very similar and the processes are very easy to follow.

Soluciones que puedes aplicar si tu móvil se apaga solo

Check if you have activated the “automatic shutdown”

Some smartphones that have this function, I have it programmed to turn on and off at a fixed time every day!

Check if for some reason you activated it and have forgotten it, you may be confusing it with a phone failure. You have to do the following:

  • Go to “ Settings ”.
  • Click on ” Utilities ” or ” Accessibility Features “.
  • In the ” On ” or ” Scheduled off ” function.
  • Verify that it is “ Disabled ”. If it is enabled you just have to click on the switch to “ Disable ”.

Uninstall apps that cause you doubts

If you have recently installed an app, evaluate if it is from that moment that the mobile has started to fail, if so, delete it.

But if you don’t know which of all you have could be the problem, start by uninstalling the ones you use the least or the least important so that you can rule out the one that causes the problem.

It is recommended to only download apps from the Google Play Store. These are the safest and most reliable. Always keep this in mind!

Avoid exposing the mobile to extreme temperatures

Avoid using your mobile when you are in excessively hot or cold conditions. The best you can do is keep it off .

When the phone overheats on a summer day you are exposing it to damage. This also happens when we use it excessively with very demanding gaming applications , which consume a high level of resources.

Soluciones que puedes aplicar si tu móvil se apaga solo

Calibrate the battery

To rule out that the problem is the battery, you can perform a battery calibration and determine if the problem lies there.

To do this , let the battery discharge completely until the phone turns itself off . Then you must let it rest for at least 4 hours to charge it to 100%, turned off.

Once you have performed this action the battery will be correctly calibrated and the fault should have disappeared. Also, doing this will allow the battery to perform better and make the battery life longer.

little storage

In this case, you only have to enter the Settings and delete the residual files and the applications that you do not use. This will give you at least 20% more storage on your mobile.

To avoid this type of problem you can buy a MicroSD and expand the storage capacity. Don’t forget to set your phone so that all the photos and videos you take or come to it are saved on this card, to avoid overloading its internal storage.

Format the mobile

If after having applied the previous solutions none gave you good results. It’s time to reset , because the problem is most likely due to a software glitch.

This is a solution that no one wants to get to. You already know that when you format the mobile you will lose applications, photos, music, files, information and other important data if you do not make a backup. After doing so you have to download everything again, because the mobile will be as it came from the factory.

To perform this action you just have to do the following:

  • Go to “ Settings ” or “ Settings ”.
  • Look for the option of “ Factory Restore ”.

These are options that can change from one mobile to another depending on the version and brand. But always, in a general way, you will find them in “ Settings ”.

Soluciones que puedes aplicar si tu móvil se apaga solo

Take it to the technical service

This is the last thing you should do if you got to the reset and it didn’t work. They are the ones to tell you if the problem is in the software or with the motherboard , maybe there is a connector that is damaged.

We hope that you can apply these simple solutions without having to take your mobile to technical service and without having to reset it. If this article has been helpful to you, please share it on all your social networks and leave us your comments and suggestions.