Soon Google Maps will show the most efficient route for electric cars

Google Maps mostrarA las mejores rutas para coches electricos

Google works to continue improving its maps application . Recently, we have seen how new functions have arrived, such as the widget that shows you the traffic without opening the app or the option that tells you how much you will spend on tolls when traveling.

Now, of the latest news that Google Maps has arrived, the one that has been best received by users is the one that tells you the routes on which you will spend less fuel, but… What about electric car users? Well, soon they will also receive a similar function to save battery when driving .

The next update of Google Maps will show the routes to save battery with electric cars

Hacer y compartir rutas de Google Maps con más de una parada

The guys at 9to5Google have explored the latest beta version of Google Maps and discovered a new feature that electric car users are sure to love . It is a similar feature to the one that arrived last year for internal combustion cars.

Electric cars do not behave the same as fuel vehicles. This means that the routes by which a gasoline-powered car achieves better energy efficiency are not the same for a hybrid or electric car. Therefore, the 11.39 update will come with an improvement to the efficient routing function or “Eco-friendly routing” . This will allow you to select the type of engine used by the car that will be used to travel the route.

Since last year, Google has shown interest in protecting the environment. Safe and eco-friendly routes were presented at Google I/O 2021 and it seems that they will finally become a reality. It is not yet known when this new update will officially arrive , but it is expected that it will be available on the platform in the coming weeks.

And you… Do you think this new function will be very useful?