Text-to-Pokémon, the AI to create unique Pokémon that Nintendo should review for new games

text-to-pokemon crea pokemon unicos IA

Apps for creating unique Pokémon by merging others have been around for years. However, now that applications based on artificial intelligence to create unique 2D and 3D images are in fashion (such as Dall-E 2, Wombo Dream or Kaedim), Pokémon could not be left behind.

A fun app called Text-to-Pokémon is already with us. What makes it special? It is an AI capable of creating a unique Pokémon just by passing it a name or text description. You’ll be amazed at the hilarious wackiness you’ll be able to generate, because you can even use celebrity names in your creations.

A couple of descriptions and voila, Text-to-Pokémon will have a unique Pokémon for you

pokemon generados por inteligencia artificial

As just mentioned, Text-to-Pokémon only requires a description to spawn a Pokémon that matches that request. To do this, it uses Deep Learning (automatic learning) that is in charge of looking for references on your request and, once it has them, it unites it with traces of different Pokémon to produce a unique creature in its style.

This platform is the work of Justin Pinkney, a researcher specializing in Deep Learning who used Stable Diffusion as the basis for its creation. In case you don’t know, Stable Diffusion is an AI that allows you to generate 2D images, but with the advantage of being open source .

By being able to access the full code, anyone with enough knowledge can adapt Stable Diffusion to whatever they want. In the case of Pinkney, he added a huge Pokémon database to achieve his goal. The result? A very fun tool that has already gone viral on Twitter, with mash-ups of really hilarious characters.

Although it’s not his first AI tool for Visual projects, Pinkney says his work creating Text-to-Pokémon wasn’t easy. “Stable Diffusion is a great starting point, but getting a particular style of output is quite tricky . It usually requires some pretty good quick engineering (which I’m not good at),” he notes. However, “I chose to fit the model towards the desired result based on a previous Pokémon dataset.”

We leave you some unique Pokémon published on Twitter and created directly with Text-to-Pokémon. Some of them, starting from well-known characters such as Sonic, Goku or Jesus Christ himself:

How to use Text-to-Pokémon to create your unique Pokémon

cómo utilizar text-to-pokemon IA

Like other text-based AIs, this tool only needs a written description from you in order to work its magic. Although, beware, you will first have to register and log in with a GitHub account to be able to use the tool.

The output images are not always the best , because at the end of the day it is an AI that mixes previous images under certain conditions.

Even so, we leave you a little secret to improve the results: when you go to generate your unique Pokémon, mark “4” in the “Num:outputs” menu . In this way, the tool will generate 4 different images, increasing the probability of generating a perfectly blended one.

Are you ready to try it? We wait for you in the comments with your creations.