The EU wants mobile phones with removable batteries to return

Europa quiere móviles batería extraíble

It has been known for a couple of years that the European Union would force manufacturers to put replaceable batteries in mobile phones. Keep in mind that for several years, most phones have not used removable batteries, although Samsung has already considered putting removable batteries back into its cheap phones. In any case, it is necessary to know if the EU will really take measures so that mobile phones with removable batteries return .

Mobile phones with removable batteries will return thanks to the EU

Recently, it has become known that the EU is taking some measures in the technology industry . In fact, just as the EU wants you to change your WhatsApp for another app and even make multiple messaging apps compatible with each other, the European Union now wants to make mobile phones have removable batteries again.

Making mobile phones with removable batteries come back is an EU project and it seems that it could soon become a law . In fact, this EU law is expected to be approved in the coming months and to become a reality from 2024.

Europa quiere móviles baterías extraíbles

Take into account that if this EU project becomes law, it will not only apply to mobile phones , but to any electronic device that uses batteries. Apparently, the intention of the European Union with this bill is to put an end to planned obsolescence. But, what effects can mobile phones have replaceable batteries in 2024?

It also seems that this EU bill seeks to create a sustainable economy in which it is more feasible to repair mobile phones . So, this law could change the mobile market and the electronic market in general. In other words, this bill can cause mobile manufacturers to change and offer their products in different ways.

There is no doubt that this bill seems quite interesting and will surely contribute to the conservation of the planet . However, it remains to be seen how this EU law is applied if it is approved.