The POCO X3 NFC already has Android 13, although not how you think

Were you one of the millions of users who bought a POCO X3 NFC? Today we have good news for this popular device that continues to be sold at a good price. Being such a popular device, the community is at the foot of the canyon with the news. A user has just released a custom ROM based on Android 13 . Just a few days after the operating system is official, the POCO X3 NFC can now update.

It was one of the first mobiles on the market to have Android 12 with a ROM and now it is one of the first to enjoy Android 13. Of course, it is not an update for everyone, since it requires the manual installation of a custom ROM.

The POCO X3 NFC can now install Android 13 – Unofficial

At the moment, only Google Pixels have an official update to Android 13. The OS has only been official for a couple of weeks and the manufacturers are still working to update their terminals. The solution to the delay of the brands is the custom ROM market.

The user “Lostark” has published an Android 13 based ROM for the POCO X3 NFC . It is a compilation of the EvolutionX 7 ROM , which bases its design on Android Stock. Indeed, if you install Android 13 with this unofficial version you will have the Google Pixel design on your POCO.

The ROM features quite extensive customization, removes MIUI from the equation, and appears to be quite stable even despite being released a few days ago. To install it you must enter this Telegram group and follow the steps.

Of course, we only recommend this type of update to experienced users , otherwise you may not perform the steps correctly and end up with a damaged or unusable device.

Now you know that you can be one of the first people to test Android 13 on a POCO X3 NFC. If you don’t dare with custom ROMs, you should know that the official update will probably take many months to arrive. You dare?