The Samsung Galaxy S23 will not use an Exynos chip, and neither will the following high-end ones

Everything points to Exynos losing the battle. Samsung has been relying on its own high-end processors for years, something that doesn’t seem to be coming to fruition. Thanks to a Korean medium we can learn about Samsung’s plans for the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S24 and future high-end devices. We anticipate that Exynos is left out of the equation.

Goodbye to Exynos processors for the Galaxy S23 and S24

The medium in charge of filtering the information has confirmed that Samsung has made an important decision with Exynos and the future Galaxy . The company would stop using its own chips during the year 2023 and 2024 , at least for the high-end ones.

The reason is not known and there are more questions than answers in this whole matter. What is quite likely, if this decision were made, is that Qualcomm would be in charge of equipping the Galaxy of 2023 and 2024 .

Of course, not for a long time, because Samsung has other plans for the year 2025 . Qualcomm would take over the chip reins for the next two years, but not much longer. The collaboration would have an expiration date .

Samsung prepares an exclusive processor for the Galaxy

The news also reveals that Samsung is forming a team of 1,000 people that will start work in July 2022. This team aims to manufacture its own processor for the Galaxy. Not an Exynos that the Galaxy can mount, but an exclusive processor .

This is something similar to what Apple does: make a chip for a few devices . This method allows you to squeeze the most out of the processor and optimize it for specific hardware . Although the Exynos are manufactured by Samsung, they must be optimized for mobile phones of all kinds.

Samsung’s goal is to manufacture a chip that will only be integrated into the Galaxy S and, probably, in the Galaxy Fold . The bad news is that this development process is slow and has a target date of early 2025.

An own chip manufactured exclusively for a device could be a very good push for Samsung. However, it will take time to arrive. What do you think? Do you think the Galaxy S23 will have a Qualcomm chip?