The Xiaomi Redmi are now also sold without a charger

Xiaomi has just launched the Redmi Note 11SE in India. It would be news without too much importance if it were not for a small detail: the box of the device. This is thinner than normal and does not include a basic that every user uses. Indeed, we are talking about the charger , adapter or power supply, whatever you want to call it. This vital accessory is now not included in Xiaomi’s Redmi mobiles either .

Xiaomi has already stopped including a charger in the high-end Xiaomi Mi and now extrapolates this behavior to the low-cost Xiaomi Redmi . The good news is that Xiaomi stopped including the charger in the main box, but gave an extra one with the purchase of the device.

Do Xiaomi Redmi chargers include?

Xiaomi has just made a relevant change to its Redmi series. The company was including chargers in the boxes of these devices, something that has changed with the launch of the Redmi Note 11SE in India. This device does not include an adapter.

We do not know if it is a global decision or only focused on the Indian market. We have not taken a tour of the Xiaomi Spain page and the Redmi Note 11 still includes the adapter and the charging cable.

This may stay the same for older releases and change for new releases. This means that the next Xiaomi Redmi may not include this accessory that is so necessary for the enjoyment of the smartphone.

Does Xiaomi give away a charger with the purchase of a mobile?

Xiaomi followed a different strategy than Samsung or Apple with the issue of chargers. The company does not include the adapter in the terminal box, but it does give one away with the purchase. The result is that the terminal box is smaller and that you still have a charger, so it doesn’t change much.

We do not know if this strategy will also be present in the next Redmi phones . If Xiaomi respects the same strategy, you should not worry about anything, because one way or another you will still have a charger. What do you think?