These apps and games compete to be the best of 2022 on Android

VOta por el mejor juego y aplicacion de 2022 para Android en Google Play

Did you vote for the best app and game of 2021 last year and miss the winners? Don’t worry, now you have a new opportunity to participate. Due to the large number of popular applications and games that are released annually on Android, Google has been creating a poll for a few years in which all users can vote for their favorite .

The objective? Simple, that users choose the apps and games they enjoy the most on their mobiles. In 2022 it will be no different, since the year is almost over and Google has already presented this year’s candidates. Read on to find out about them and to vote for the best Android app and game of 2022 . By the way, you will have until mid-November to do it .

Choose the best Android app in 2022, will your choice be on the list?

las mejores aplicaciones android 2022 votacion

In the 2022 edition, Google Play nominated 9 applications to fight to be the best of the year. The candidates are from quite different categories among them, so you will probably find one that identifies you. Do you want to know what they are? We list them below:

  • DanceFitme: Fun Weight Loss – An app to lose weight while having fun dancing.
  • Ukulele with Yousician – Learn to play ukulele like a pro.
  • Sleep Tracking – An app to see how well (or poorly) you’re sleeping.
  • BeReal – The popular social network that invites you to show yourself as you really are.
  • Dream by WOMBO – The powerful AI capable of creating true works of art from images.
  • NoteIt widget – A small application to write your notes on mobile.
  • Personal Diary with Lock – An app that will allow you to keep all the secrets of your day to day under lock and key.
  • PicCollage – The totally renewed version of one of the best mobile photo and video editing apps.
  • Breathwrk: Breathing Exercises – An app that helps you breathe better and take a break when necessary.

As you can imagine, the big favorite to win the crown of the best Android app in 2022 is BeReal . This platform is changing all the paradigms associated with social networks, by prioritizing reality over the filters, dances and others of TikTok and Instagram. However, Dream and PicCollage could surprise you. The first, for being a totally innovative tool. The second, because it has the background of years of experience in the industry.

Follow the link below to vote for your favorite app:

The fight to be the best Android game in 2022 will be fierce, but only one will win

los mejores juegos android 2022 votacion

If there is a world in which competition exists and rivalries are on the surface , it is in video games. All gamers defend their favorite titles tooth and nail, so finding the best Android game will not be an easy task. As with apps, Google nominated 9 games, although RPGs dominate the list. These are the candidates:

  • Rocket League Sideswipe – A 2.5D mobile version of the popular fast-paced car soccer game on PC.
  • Apex Legends Mobile – The mobile port of the famous Battle Royale with shooter touches of legendary heroes.
  • Dislyte – A mythological urban setting RPG with incredibly frenetic mechanics.
  • Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds – An RPG that combines classic fantasy with technology.
  • My Hero Ultra Impact – Based on the My Hero Academia universe, it is a strategic turn-based battle game.
  • Immortal DevilNeed any introduction? It is an MMORPG based on the legendary Diablo RPG saga.
  • Kingdom Maker – A real-time strategy game set in the middle ages, albeit with fantastical touches.
  • Tower of Fantasy – an ultra futuristic open world MMORPG.
  • Guns & Dungeons – A video game in which you will have to eliminate hundreds of enemies in small labyrinths before they finish you off.

In this case, the choice will be much more difficult . RPGs have in their favor that they have a huge user base that spends a lot of hours on them. However, Apex Legends and Rocket League are not far behind. Our bet? The winner will probably be between Diablo Immortal and Apex Legends, you can vote at the following link: