These are the 137 new emojis that arrive on Facebook and Messenger

Facebook and Messenger are being updated to include a list of 137 new emojis of a variety of themes , at the same time as taking the opportunity to include an update of the existing ones, something that users may begin to notice soon.

Specifically, it is mentioned that the new emojis will begin to be available in the coming weeks and months , probably before the summer begins, we will already have them among us, although there is no confirmed specific date for that to happen.

There is a mix of everything, emojis of people shaking hands, some gestures of faces and also of hands, emojis of people, various objects, food and some more, apart from some changes in emojis that were already present, that is, that change for new ones.

Imagen - Facebook y Messenger añaden 137 emojis

Let’s see the list of all the emojis that come to Facebook and the Facebook Messenger app :

  1. Faces: melted face, eyes open and hand on mouth, hands on eyes and one eye sticking out, military salute, face with dotted line, face about to cry with tears, and face with diagonal mouth .
  2. Hand gestures: shaking hands, hand down, hand up, hand indicating money, hand pointing forward, two hands making the heart symbol and handshake in different skin tones.
  3. Others: gender-neutral person with crown, pregnant person and man, bitten lip, troll, coral, water lily, empty nest, nest with eggs, beans, glass spilling water, swing, empty vial, bicycle wheel, float, hand, ball of disco, low battery, crutch, x-ray, bubble, identification and equal sign.

Many of the emojis shown will sound familiar to you because they are also part of the list of emojis that came with iOS 15.4, and the fact is that the platforms share practically all of them, except for the design , which is different depending on the application and the operating system.

To have these new 137 emojis , at some point in the near future there will be an update of the Facebook and Messenger app for mobiles, that will be the moment in which the available list of emojis will increase with the inclusion of all these novelties shown.

Via: Emojipedia