These are the best online graphic editors and desktop programs

mejores editores graficos online y programas de escritorio

Graphic design is in fashion. More and more people are interested in retouching photographs or illustrations , not always for a commercial purpose. In many cases it is a fun hobby to give a different touch or improve the images.

Here, we are going to review some of the best graphic editors that can be found on the web, versatile and suitable for all levels . They manage to make transparent images , make elements disappear or insert new ones, as well as being able to make a collage with different images or create an illustration from scratch.

Editors for beginners and experts online

The first thing that the apps on the following lists have in common is the ability to be perfectly adaptable both for people with high technological knowledge and for people who are still taking their first steps . Versatility is another of the keys they have in common.


It is a free and online design tool that was created in 2012, in these more than 10 years it has managed to bring publishing to all kinds of audiences. This Australian company has managed to simplify processes that would otherwise be longer and heavier to carry out . Plus, it’s free. Although it may seem that it is only intended for people who have just started in the world, nothing is further from the truth, many professionals use it for collaborative projects.


Its name is reminiscent of pixel and it is a very famous photo and image editor all over the world . It has a large number of filters and layers, specifically more than two million combinations. It is also known throughout the world.

The images obtained are of very high quality, which makes many professionals bet on it.

mejores editores graficos online


This tool, which is also free, is one of the most famous and is intended for all those people who want to work with vectors . Of course, it is a website that has no cost and is easy to use.

It is a good learning site to work with vectors, it is intended for a wide variety of professionals , both in graphic design and in other disciplines. As a negative point, it should be noted that it does not manage images well.


It is a platform that has gained a certain reputation in recent years, the reason being the varied and rich selection of templates it has. It is also focused on designs for social networks, which allows them to be very up-to-date on everything related to Facebook, Instagram and other networks.

It is free , but if you want to make infographics or tables you will have to pay for the Premium version, which is the one that allows you to do them.


This graphic editor is very similar to Photoshop . The press has cataloged it as the light version of the popular program. It is designed to be enjoyed by people with extensive experience as well as new professionals with little graphic design experience.

Thanks to Fotor, you can easily retouch images , create new ones or develop collages.

editores graficos online

desktop editors

After reviewing these programs that can be found online without any problem, we take a look at desktop programs.


It is a cousin program of the famous Photoshop Photoshop. For many professionals it is the best free alternative to the latter. This software is intended for any type of device and offers a wide variety of available actions. You can retouch photos, create new images, adjust filters, colors, etc.

Despite being intended for both companies and individuals, its organization is a bit chaotic, which is why it is not the best for all those who are looking for a Photoshop clone .


It is without a doubt the program preferred by all those design lovers who usually carry out different tasks and seek precision.

There are many tutorials on the net and courses both online and in person that can help you get the most out of it. It is necessary to invest some time to learn how to handle it correctly , and it is precisely this that puts beginners back the most.


It is considered Adobe’s number 1 competitor. It is a highly valued software by illustrators and photographers who are looking for quality. Images can be uploaded directly from WordPress and it also offers the user to do in a very creative way, from logos to illustrations with vectors.

As with Photoshop, it takes time to learn to handle it well and despite making thousands of tutorials all over the Internet , it is not enough to see them, you have to practice for many hours to be able to learn.


With these small brushstrokes it is easy to get an idea of how the graphic design landscape is changing by leaps and bounds and is becoming more accessible, both in terms of knowledge and where to do the work: online or from your own desk.