These emojis allow you to test your luck on Telegram

Prueba tu suerte en Telegram con emojis

Are you having trouble deciding where you want to go to eat with your friends? Well, if you’re in a Telegram group with them, this messaging app has a very interesting solution for you .

Thanks to specific emojis, anyone can test their luck simply, quickly and for free. In a few words, you will be able to send animated emojis to discover if the basketball enters the basket, if the soccer ball enters the goal, and many other animations.

Try your luck on Telegram with these emojis

Emojis animados para probar suerte en Telegram

If you are interested in having fun with your friends to see who has the luckiest, you won’t have to follow complicated steps, because this is easier than it seems.

In a few words, you will have to paste one of these emojis in the chat where you want to try your luck : 🎲⚽️🏀🎯🎳🎰. Once you put any of the emojis that we showed you previously, Telegram will display the corresponding animation.

To be more orderly with the information that we are giving you, Telegram will allow you to “play” these games with your friends:

  • Dice : you will see what number you will get when you throw them.
  • Basketball – You will find out if luck is on your side by seeing whether or not the ball goes into the basket.
  • Soccer : you will kick the ball to find out if it enters the goal or not.
  • Darts – Find out if you can hit the bullseye.
  • Bowling – You will be able to see if you can knock down all the pins.
  • Slots – get the vacant jackpot.

If you like this type of “hacks” , we recommend that you take a look at the note where we talk about the best tricks for Telegram.

Last but not least, if none of those emojis have worked for you , the version you have installed on your mobile could be out of date. The solution in this case is to manually update the app.