This App tells you if your Xiaomi will update to MIUI 14 or Android 13

If you have a Xiaomi mobile and the uncertainty of updates, today we bring you the perfect app for you. We have already talked about MIUI 14 and the Xiaomi devices that will update, We have also talked at length about MIUI 13 and the compatible models. Today we do not offer you a list of terminals, but something much better. It is an Android app that tells you if your Xiaomi mobile will update to MIUI 14 or MIUI 13.

MIUI 14 is not yet an official layer, but the models that will be updated from the Xiaomi catalog are already known. Today thanks to MIUI Updater you can get rid of doubts with MIUI updates.

MIUI Updater tells you if your smartphone will receive MIUI 14 or MIUI 13

The application we are talking about goes by the name of MIUI Updater and it could not be simpler. Its objective is clear: to indicate if the mobile that runs it will receive MIUI 13 or MIUI 14 . Its operation is extremely simple: you just have to install it and open it. That will be enough.

When you run it, it will analyze which mobile it is and will tell you two things: if your mobile will update to MIUI 13 and if it will receive MIUI 14 . In this way you will be able to know what will happen to your mobile in the near future.

Is your Xiaomi going to update to Android 13?

MIUI Upodater not only focuses on MIUI update, it also knows whether your Xiaomi device will receive Android 13 or not. You can use this application to know how your mobile support is at the moment.

If both answers are negative, it means that your smartphone, with almost total probability, is going to stay in the version of MIUI that it is now. What does the app tell you? Will you be able to update?