This is how you can activate the “3-finger screenshot” function on Motorola mobiles

Activar la captura de pantalla con tres dedos en telefonos Motorola

If you have a Motorola brand phone and you usually take many screenshots per day, the gesture system that this mobile device manufacturer has in most of its terminals will come in handy.

Dubbed “Three-Finger Capture” , this feature allows anyone who owns a Motorola phone (launched after 2018) to take screenshots by tapping the phone’s display with three fingers at the same time.

Interested in how to activate this feature on your Motorola phone? If your answer is “yes” , we recommend you continue reading, because here we will explain step by step what you have to do to activate this gesture .

So you can activate the screenshot with 3 fingers on your Motorola phone

Before we show you the tutorial that you must follow to activate this option, it is important to mention that there are times when you cannot take screenshots on Motorola phones with this function, why? Because by using three fingers at the same time, you can open other apps (if you are in the applications menu) , or perform some other type of action (if a video game is running).

Como activar capturar pantalla con tres dedos Motorola

  • The first step you have to do is open the app called “Moto” .
  • Once you are inside it, you must navigate through the menu until you find the section that says “Gestures” . Having found it, you will have to click on it .
  • Finally, you must press on the button that is located on the right side of “Capture with three fingers” .

With the function already active, we recommend you try it, as you will need a little practice to be able to use this gesture correctly. Remember that Motorola advises supporting three fingers at the same time , as well as putting them as close together as possible.

Without much more to add on the subject, we take advantage of the space to inform you that all Motorola phones have a function that allows the flashlight to be activated when the mobile is shaken, a feature that you should try right now!