This is the list of free television channels that Google TV will have

google tv tendra canales television gratis

Just under a year ago, we reported that Google was planning to add free, ad-supported channels to Google TV. From that moment we did not know anything more about this, until now. The Mountain View company went ahead with its plans and new information has been leaked. Google TV will soon have 50 free TV channels , and we already know the full list.

50 free television channels without paying or downloading anything, Google TV goes with everything

The 9to5Google team decompiled the latest Google TV APK for further analysis. To everyone’s surprise, they discovered that in the code there was all kinds of information about the free television channels that this platform will offer. Specifically, they found the list with the name of almost all the channels that will be available initially, as well as a line of code that says the following:

“With Google TV Channels, enjoy 50 live TV channels with no subscription, registration, or download required.”

This is a phrase that contains much more information than is evident, since it speaks of the deep integration that these channels will have with Google TV. Until now, the live TV options that you could enjoy on Google TV were through applications such as Pluto TV, Philo or YouTube TV. Instead, these 50 television channels will be integrated into the same Google TV APK , without paying anything extra, just relying on advertising.

In case you don’t know, Google TV is not an operating system in itself , but a launcher / customization layer that works on top of Android TV. Thus, this new feature would be something similar to what happens in Samsung Smart TVs: they have Samsung TV Plus, with access to more than 200 free channels (with advertising).

These 34 will be part of the 50 free television channels that Google TV will offer

lista canales television gratis google tv

As we mentioned above, the analysis of the Google TV APK allowed us to know most of the list of channels that Google TV will have. The offer is very varied, since it includes news channels, sports, variety shows, movies , series, nature, cooking and more. These are the 34 filtered names:

  • ABCNewsLive.
  • America’s Test Kitchen.
  • American Classics.
  • The Asylum.
  • Battery Pop.
  • CBCNews.
  • ChiveTV.
  • Deal or no deal.
  • Divorce Court.
  • Dry Bar Comedy.
  • FailArmy.
  • Filmrise Free Movies.
  • Hallmark Movies & More.
  • It’s Showtime at the Apollo!
  • Kevin Hart’s LOL! Network.
  • LoveNature.
  • Maverick Black Cinema.
  • MooviMex.
  • NatureVision.
  • NBCNews Now.
  • NewsmaxTV.
  • Nosy.
  • The Pet Collective.
  • Power Nation.
  • Reelz.
  • Teletubbies.
  • Today All Day.
  • Toon Goggles.
  • USAToday.
  • WorldPokerTour.
  • Wu Tang Collection TV.
  • Xumo Crime TV.
  • Xumo Movies.
  • Xumo Westerns.

When will free TV channels be available on Google TV?

There is no release date yet for this new Google TV feature. However, the fact that part of the channel list is already known is an excellent omen, so it should not be long in coming.

What we do know is that this functionality will first be implemented in the United States , and then expanded to other territories. This makes all the sense in the world, since all the channels listed are from there and the Chromecast with Google TV was first available in that country.

What channels do you think will be available when Google TV free TV arrives in Spain?