Top 4 Strategic Placements for Keyword Ranking

For promotion of their business every company strive to get higher traffic to their company websites. For that they primarily need to get organic high ranking in Google, MSN, yahoo or other search engine results and to achieve this, execution of SEO strategies become important, where Keyword plays one of the most crucial roles.

Thing to keep in mind to influence keyword ranking:

– Keywords that appear in the title and content should be relevant
– Keyword density should be checked
– Page rank of the sites linking to you, should be checked

And many others

Keyword placement:

Using keywords at the right place help to improve its ranking to a large extent. So here is the basic list of keyword placement. These are the places where your keyword should be placed in general.


Use keywords in the webpage’s distinct title tag.

Meta description tag

Meta description tags appear on the source code. A well written Meta tag persuades a person to click on your link instead of your competitor’s. So add relevant keywords in Meta tags that mirror the page content.

Body text

Use keywords in the body text of the document in a natural without restricting normal flow of reading.

H1 tags

H1 tags are used to highlight the topic or sub topic. Use of keywords in H1 tags may boost keyword ranking to some extent.

URL of the webpage

Distinct URL of the webpage should also contain keywords that are relevant to the content.

Anchor text

The ‘clickable’ words appear on a webpage that are hyper-linked to the page are known as anchor text. Therefore use of relevant keywords can be useful.

Top 4 strategic placements for keyword ranking:

Fresh and original content

This is perhaps the oldest and the wisest suggestion to attract traffic online. If your keywords are falling in rank then update or even add fresh pages to your website. This will catch attention of search engines. If possible submit web pages to directories as well.

Keep a track on density

Keyword density is an extremely vital factor in keyword ranking. If the keyword is used too frequently, search engine may possibly consider it as spam and if it’s used too rare, search engine will perhaps thinks the page is not much important for those particular keywords. Therefore keyword density should be checked properly.

Keyword searching tools

Opt for free online tools that provide keyword suggestion. Through use of such tools you can also check ranking of popular keywords or phrases.

Check competitor’s strategy

It’s also helpful to peep into what strategy your competitors are using to get best keyword ranking. But make sure not to use spamming tricks used by other websites.

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